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5 Seconds of Summer
5 SECONDS OF SUMMER IN CONCERT:5 Seconds of Summer is infiltrating airwaves around the world with their hot pop hit "She Looks So Perfect". With their driving pop-rock confections and loveable personalities, 5SOS have fans singing along with one exciting performance after anothert. Whether they're shredding out fan favorites like "Don't Stop" or jumping around the stage, 5 Seconds of Summer puts on a show that fans of driving guitars, anthemic pop, and incredible showmanship won't want to miss.BACKGROUND SNAPSHOT:Hailing from Down Under, the members of 5 Seconds of Summer met when they were attending school at Norwest Christian College, and they soon started posting cover songs on YouTube. After the release of their 2012 EP Unplugged, 5SOS began to generate significant buzz with their infectious pop-rock and even attracted attention from members of One Direction. The group headed out on a world tour opening for Hot Chelle Rae in support of the record and continued to pen new material while on the road. The four-piece was asked to tour alongside One Direction in 2013 and subsequently earned international superstar status with hundreds of thousands of new fans. With their No. 1 smash hit "She Looks So Perfect", a 2014 chart-topping EP of the same name, and sold-out shows around the world, 5 Seconds of Summer are well on their way to the top.FANS WHO BOUGHT TICKETS SAY:"5 Seconds of Summer is an incredibly talented band who deserve to be extremely successful. Their show is upbeat, relaxed, and incredibly fun. It is enjoyable for everyone who attends, whether you're there with friends or by yourself.""It was so amazing I can't even get over it. They sing even better live than they do recorded and they were so hot in real life I didn't even think that would be possible. If you ever had the chance to go see them GO SEE THEM.""5SOS is the best band in the world! They are even better live than on their studio recordings!! This was the best show I've ever been to in my life! They were absolutely incredible!"


Tons of Energy!!!!

5 stars
BeliferousB Tinely Park, Hollywood Casino and Amphitheater and Klipsch Music Center, Chicago and Indianapolis

The guys were in such great moods and they had me laughing, crying and singing along with them. They started making fun of the word Indianapolis for like five minutes straight they couldn't say it haha. In Chicago ashton told everyone that if they were bored, that there were stands with hot dogs and beer. Haha! They defiantly interact with the crowd and make sure you're having a good time, no matter where you're sitting! I've been to two of their concerts, one was up close and the other was out on the lawn. I had a blast both times! I would highly recommend it!

5SOS always put on an INCREDIBLE show

5 stars
Texas5SOSTeam Gexa Energy Pavilion / Starplex Pavilion, Dallas

Over the last three years I have been able to see 5SOS quite a few times. Throughout all of this time, I have been able to witness this band grow so much and their Sounds Live Feels Live tour really proved their growth and talent. I was fortunate enough to attend four shows on this tour and I can honestly say that each show was better than the last. My favorite 5SOS show I have ever been to was probably Sounds Live Feels Live in Dallas, TX. It was mid-September (arguably one of the hottest times in Dallas), and I got to the Gexa Energy Pavilion before sunrise in order to have the perfect spot at soundcheck. Although it was unbearably hot, it was worth it. I was front and center for soundcheck that day. The band came out and performed a song (Beside You) before answering about 10 fan questions. They concluded soundcheck with my all time favorite 5SOS song, If You Don't Know, so my day was pretty much perfect so far. I have been to several shows at Gexa (now Starplex), and I am definitely glad that they are finally renovating the venue. Yes, it would be nice if it was indoors and had AC, but I know that it's not possible to do that. After soundcheck, all 1500 fans were stuck inside the gates of the venue where we could buy merch and hang out with other fans. After about an hour and a half, the doors opened and people were able to go to their seats, get food, or do whatever they want. Not long after, the first opening act, Roy English, went on stage. Then the other opening act, Hey Violet, was on for about 40 minutes. Finally, around 8:45PM, 5 Seconds of Summer took the stage. Having seen them in several cities all around the world, I definitely believe that nothing beats seeing one of your favorite bands in your hometown. Also, Dallas just really loves 5SOS and so the crowd gave their all at the show. 5SOS reciprocated that energy immediately and gave the performance of a lifetime. Sounds Live Feels Live Dallas is definitely in my top three favorite shows ever, if not my favorite. 5 Seconds of Summer are incredible live, their studio albums really do not do them justice. If you are ever on the fence about getting tickets just because you know their one hit song, I recommend purchasing a ticket. Whether you are as far away as possible or in the pit, you will have a great time. This band is amazing and I am so happy that they have been able to tour so often. Seeing 5SOS live is truly something special, and SLFL Dallas proved just that.


5 stars
MillieHemmings Genting Arena, The NEC, Birmingham

5SOS was the best concert I've ever been to! There my favourite band ever, I seen them in Birmingham on 14th April 2016 on the Sounds Live Feels Live (slfl) tour and they were amazing, I had soundcheck tickets also, there well worth seeing, also it was my first time seeing them, absolutely amazing, I loved every seconds of it!

5SOS best 1st concert!!

5 stars
Maria102297 Aarons Amp at Lakewood, Atlana

I have been fan for 3 years and for my graduation gift I wanted me and my best friend kelsey to see 5SOS in concert. So, my parents made our wish come true!! we got to go to soundcheck which is an awesome experience where you see them perform 2 songs and answer questions from the audience and it is a special moment for the band to interact with the fans there are no phones out or any other distractions its just you and your favorite band talking and laughing! I do recommend getting soundcheck :) The boys were so nice and funny and they waved and smiled at a lot of people. I wore a hemming shirt because Luke is my absolute favorite and he saw my shirt and smiled at me and watch my friend and me find a seat and I could tell he was glad to have someone like him a little extra lol and I could tell that he knew and appreciated me wearing his shirt and supporting his band. they got a good look at everyone that came so thier is a huge change that your fav will see you face to face. They sound so good live they put in a lot of work to make every show special for the fans it was a night I will never forget. The other fans were so nice and energetic we all love the same band and we got a long good I even made a few new friends there which was really cool and took pictures with some to. I strongly suggest you see them in concert and experience all the fun like I did with my best friend good luck :)

5sos was insane!

5 stars
Thecampbeller Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, Portland

I went with my best friend it was her first concert and we had so much fun. 5sos was truly amazing.